Location Change

    Approximately four (4) years ago, I made a decision to move my law practice to Rusk, Texas.  I made this decision for several reasons: firstly, at that time there was only one lawyer in Rusk.  Secondly, I had a desire to be in close proximity to the courthouse because I spend so much time in the courtroom.

    After careful consideration of these reasons and the circumstance of my practice, I now believe that it is better for myself and my practice to re-locate to the Jacksonville community.

   Effective Monday, March 25, 2019, my practice will now be located within my home at 622 Fort Worth, Jacksonville, TX.  We have discontinued use of our "683" number, but our 903.589.7852 number remains active.

    I have practiced from my home before, and I enjoy it.  It allows me the flexibility to work on cases throughout any given day without being confined to leaving to go to an office.  It also gives me greater opportunity to be available when my child is home during the day.  Of course, it also helps control expenses which allows me to continue providing quality legal representation at an affordable rate.

   Thank you for your continued trust in me in handling your legal issues.  I hope you will bear with us during this transition and that you will continue to look to me for your legal representation.